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  Punjab University Journal of Mathematics
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Volume 46, No. 2, 2014
Generalizations of Simpson’s Type Inequalities Through Preinvexity and Prequasiinvexity
by Sabir Hussain and Shahid Qaisar, Vol. 46(2) (2014) pp. 1-9.

A Subclass of Univalent Functions with Fixed Second Coefficient
by N. Magesh and V. Prameela, Vol. 46(2) (2014) pp. 11-17.

Computer Simulation of Fibre Suspension Flow through a Periodically Constricted Tube
by S. B. Shah, H. Shaikh, M. A. Solagni and A. Baloch, Vol. 46(2) (2014) pp. 19-34.


Towards Computational Model of Human Brain Memory
by Satwat Bashir, Muhammad Usman Ghani Khan, Abad Ali Shah and Abdul Nasir, Vol. 46(2) (2014) pp. 35-45.

New Integral Inequalities Through Generalized Convex Functions
by Muhammad Muddassar and Ahsan Ali, Vol. 46(2) (2014) pp. 47-51.

Local Converges for a Family of Third Order Methods in Banach Spaces
by I.K Argyros and S.K. Khattri, Vol. 46(2) (2014) pp. 53-62.

On Weakly Hereditary Rings
by Fuad Ali Ahmed Almahdi, Vol. 46(2) (2014) pp. 63-68.

The Good Property of Two-Generated Ideals in Integral Domains
by Waseem Khalid and Fakhira Umar, Vol. 46(2) (2014) pp. 69-73.

Affine Invariant Shape Recognition using Spline Interpolation
by Munaza Ishaq, Malik Zawwar Hussain and Muhammad Sarfraz, Vol. 46(2) (2014) pp. 75-85.

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