About Us

As one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Pakistan, University of the Punjab is one of the most prestigious institutions with national and global recognition, and amongst the top ranked Universities in Pakistan and Asia. The Institute of Applied Psychology was established in 1962 as Department of Applied Psychology and Prof Dr. Ghulam Jillani (late) was its founding Chairman. Prof. Dr. Rafia Hassan, Prof. Dr. Seemen Alam, Prof. Dr. Najma Najam, Prof. Dr. Ruhi Khalid, Prof. Dr. Hamid Sheikh , Prof. Dr. Yasmin Farooqi, Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar and Prof. Dr. Farah malik (the Current Director) are amongst the successor Chairpersons of the Institute. Ever since the establishment of the Department it has served as the premier center of Applied Psychology in Pakistan. As an acknowledgment and recognition of its contributions in the field, initiation of various degree programs and due to untiring efforts of the present Director, faculty members and support staff, recently the Department has been upgraded and given the status of Institute.

Located alongside the beautiful Lahore Canal, in the Quaid-e-Azam Campus of University of the Punjab, the Institute of Applied Psychology is recognized as one of the top academic Institute in the discipline of Psychology in Pakistan. It has built an international reputation for its outstanding teaching and advancement in research and publications. On the basis of its outstanding academic and research expertise, Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan selected it for Strengthening and Up-gradation.

In addition to M.Sc program, the commencement of BS- 4 years, M.Sc Replica, M.Phil, MS Health Psychology and Ph.D programs has uplifted the profile of the Institute. Submission of a huge number of applications for admissions in different programs each year is indicative of not only the popularity of the subject of Applied Psychology but also of the Institute of Applied Psychology. It can be said with pride and great humility that over the years, Institute of Applied Psychology has become the top choice for the majority pursuing their career in Psychology. The courses taught are challenging; are comparable to those offered at International Universities; are designed to provide its graduates the best possible outcome in terms of their intellectual growth, research expertise and career developments.