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University of the Punjab

Ph.D. in South Asian Studies

Program Overview
This program offers a wide range of courses. The syllabus is regularly revised so as to keep the students abreast of traditional approaches and contemporary political development in the region while broadening their general perspective. This program will specifically focus on providing strong theoretical and methodological base to the participants. Students of these programmes will be able to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills that will help them become confident researchers and knowledgeable observers of political phenomena and policymaking procedures and will developed theoretical approach, in different sub-disciplines of South Asian Studies. Particular attention will be given to current developments and debates in the subject.
Special Features and Objectives
The Centre has set itself to offer innovative programmes of South Asian society, culture, politics, sociology, anthropology, economics, international relations and geography that will satisfy the needs of students and researchers. The Centre has premeditated that in near future; it would play a leading role in the world of knowledge and will produce a sufficient number of professionals and social scientists for improving the quality of research pertaining to the region. Its mission is to produce quality research, responsive to national needs and priorities focusing more on issues relating to politics and socio-economic development of South Asia and national self-reliance. It will produce enlightened thinkers equipped with intellectual vision to help promoting peace and harmony across the region.
Undertaking of high level research on South Asian themes.
Provision of in-service training facilities.
Arrangement of conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops and refresher courses.
Publication of journals on a variety of South Asian subjects.
Provision of instructions in one or more major South Asian languages, in order to promote regional harmony and awareness about each other.
Undertaking projects and development assignments on the South Asian region.
Role of think tank for policy making bodies.



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