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MA International Relations (Afternoon Self-Supporting)

The Department of Political Science is one of the oldest teaching departments of the University of the Punjab. It was established in 1933.The department has expanded its teaching and research programs. Traditionally, the department had been running the basic programs of 1) M.A. Political Science 2) Post Graduate Diploma in International Affairs and 3) Doctorate of Philosophy in Political Science. Recently new programs of, M.A. International Relations and M.A. in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies as well as Master of Philosophy in Political Science have been added to the traditional programs offered by the department.
Why Study International Relations
The subject of International Relations is one of areas of study within the discipline of Political Science. The discipline of Political Science in general deals with the phenomenon of social power and the factors that are supposed to be the sources of social power in human organization. In other words the study of Political Science includes all those social actors and agencies that are involved in producing and managing the power relations among the state or non-state actors operating at the international/inter state level.
The courses of International Relations are designed to provide theoretical understanding of the working of the international political system institutions/organizations and of the dynamic processes through which the role of international political actors/agencies have evolved overtime.
International Relations as a subject of study has always been popular among the students of Political Science. It has further gained its popularity in recent years because of the phenomenon of the globalization of the world politics. Globalization of world politics has helped international actors/agencies to gain more power over the actors/agencies operating at the national level, which makes it imperative for the students of Political Science to pay more attention to the study of International Relations. In the age of globalization national objectives cannot be achieved without the help of International agencies. The students of politics in Pakistan therefore need to be taught in the subject of International Relations.
It is also highlighted that this program would not only help students develop better understanding of the functioning of the international politics, but also enable them to get the required academic training to enter in to the job market of international agencies.
This program would also help students to better prepare for the competitive exams of the federal and provincial civil services. The graduates of this program can also get teaching/research jobs in the educational institutions of Pakistan and abroad.

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