Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rehman

Prof. Dr. Abdul Rehman

Currently, I am working on the following research projects:

1. Bioremediation of heavy metals
Most of industrial effluents are fully laden with various pollutants including heavy metals. Therefore, I am working on removal of such toxic heavy metals from the environment by using various indigenous micro-flora. Besides this, we are also investigating the mechanism of resistance in microorganisms at genomic and transcriptomic level.

2. Microbial enzymes
Characterization of industrially important enzymes like amylases, cellulases, lipases, inulinases and esterases with useful properties such as pH stability, thermostability and organic solvents tolerance are important to meet the demands of the industry.

3. Oxidative stress and abnormal growth
Oxidative stress can be produced by the introduction of heavy metal ions which is toxic for living cells. We are using this created oxidative stress to control abnormal growth of the cells. We are using eukaryotic cells for such research work.

Designation:- Professor