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  Journal of the Research Society of Pakistan
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Vol. 53, No. 2, July.-Dec. 2016
Implementing Biomatric Voting System In Pakistan: An Anaytical Review
by Asma Shakir Khawaja*, Hasan Jamal**

Why Pakistan Railways Has Failed To Perform: A Special Focus On Passenger Perspective
by Aliya Khalid*, Muhammad Nasir** and Muhammad Rameez Mohsin***

Historical Analysis Of Changes In Rural Social Structure: A Sociological Critique On Relevance Of Theoretical Perspectives To Empirical Data
by Ayesha Farooq*

Profitability Analysis Of Milk Production In District Peshawar
by Fazli Qadir *, Muhammad Tariq **, Shahid Jan*** and Kamil Zada****

Voting Behaviour Of Educated Youth In Pakistan: A Study Of Multan City
by Lubna Kanwal*, Abdul Razzaq Shahid **, Mahwish Naeem ***

Impact of Baradari Affiliation on Electoral Contests for Power in Khushab District (1982-2008)
by Muhammad Waris Awan

Violence as a Way to Freedom: The 1947 Making of Punjab's Boundary.
by Rabia Umar Ali*

Freedom to Political Cartoons: Charlie Hebdo & Ethical Dilemmas in Cartoon Communication
by Ayesha Ashfaq*, Savera Shami**

The British Response to War of Independence in the Punjab
by Turab-ul-Hassan Sargana*

Indian Water Hegemony; Hinge on Pakistan-India Relations
by Aziz Ur Rahman *, Zahid Mahmood **, Dr Waqar ul Haq Malik***

British Paradigm of Urban Administrative Centrality: Intransient Continuity in the Postcolonial State
by Muhammad Shafique *, Lubna Kanwal**

Impact of Organizational Trust on Organizational justice and Organizational Commitment: A Case of University of Sargodha
by Maryam Lashari* Amani Moazzam**, Yaamina Salman***, Sidra Irfan****

Rebuilding lives: Natural Disasters and Role of a Social Worker in Pakistan
by Syeda Mahnaz Hassan*, Muhammad Adnan **

Can the Principle of Coexistence Between India and Pakistan Help to Achieve Peace and Prosperity in the region?
by Muhammad Iqbal Chawla*, Lubna Zaheer**, Farzana Arshad***, Tahira Parveen***

by Malik Tariq Mahmood*, Muhammad Shahzad**

Pakistan's Military Operations: the Counter terrorism Strategy (2001-2013) Prospects and Implications
by Iram Khalid *, Muhammad Iqbal Roy **

Assessing CPEC: Potential Threats and Prospects
by Umbreen Javaid *

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