Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

M.Sc Economics Self Supporting/ Replica

It is a Replica programme of M.Sc. Economics (Morning) for students who cannot join the morning programme. This is a self-supporting programme. The admission criteria, course outline and the examination system are the same as for M.Sc. Economic (Morning). The same rules that apply to M.Sc. Economics (Morning) programme will be applicable to M.Sc. Economics (Replica) programme except for the following:

1. There is no preference for year of passing. Two marks will be deducted from the marks obtained out of 100 marks for each late year to a maximum of two years.
2. There is no age limit for admission.
3. Hostel facility is not available for the students of M.Sc. Economics (Replica).
4. No medical facility is available as these are non-resident students.

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