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Master of Business Economics (MBEcon) Self-Supporting (Afternoon)

There is an ever-increasing demand in the country for people who possess sound knowledge of economic theory on the one hand and of business science on the other, so that they can solve the problems of business enterprises in the economy. This demand has further intensified, especially in the presence of current wake of denationalization and privatization of public sector enterprises. To cater this fast growing demand, Department of Economics, University of the Punjab, has responded by offering a specialized and structured degree programme of Master of Business Economics (MBEcon).

1. This programme is aimed at producing entrepreneurial class that will help in promoting industrial growth of the economy. 2. The participants of the programme are expected to undertake research in Economics, Management, Finance, Marketing and Banking. 3. The participants of the programme would be trained to work as Professional Economists, Managers, Financial Analysts, Bankers and Business Executives. 4. The MBEcon degree holders are expected to compete with holders of MBA / MPA / M.A. (Economics) / M.Sc. (Statistics) / M. Com. degrees in both private and public sectors at national and international level.

A student will have to complete at least six-weeks internship with a national or international organization during or after completing the coursework requirement for MBEcon.

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