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M.Phil Economics (Morning / Self-Supporting)

M.Phil. Program in Economics is a two years degree program consisting of four semesters. In the first two semesters, 24 credit hours course work and in third and fourth semesters 06 credit hours research work on a topic selected in consultation with the assigned supervisor will be carried out.
The student must maintain minimum of 2.5 GPA (out of 4.0) in each semester and in individual subject not less than 2.3 GPA in mid term/final examination/session work separately in written, as well as in practical otherwise he/she will be put on probation for one semester, if he/she fails to improve CGPA to 2.5 in the semester being on probation, he/she will be dropped from the program. The student will be full-time student during first year of M. Phil. studies and may not take any full-time job during this period. The students already employed must take leave from their employer.
If the student fails to complete his/her course work which was due to unforeseen circumstances beyond his/her control, in the given time framework, he/she may be given extension for maximum of one semester. The decision of the Department Doctoral Program Committee (DDPC) will be the final in this regard. The DDPC will consider such cases and recommend to the Dean for extension. Similarly, extension of six weeks may also be granted for completion of thesis. The student must complete the program maximum in three years. Besides, student must fulfill class attendance requirement as per rules. All other rules will apply as per university regulations.

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