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University of the Punjab

B.S. Management (Regular)

Program Overview
The curriculum of Bachelor of Science (4 years) in Management program reflects the latest approaches in management education which prepares individuals to take professional positions in public, non-profit and business organizations. The Institute of Administrative Sciences takes pride in this unique program, launched in 2001, which has recently been revised and brought in line with HEC's roadmap for business and management education. The BS Management degree, in its academic standing, is at par with North American and European Universities' Bachelor's degree programs.
Program Structure
The program requirements can normally be completed through 8 semesters in 4 years . The maximum duration for completion of the program is 6 years. However, students exceeding 4 years will not be treated as regular students and will not be entitled to any facility normally available to regular students such as hostel accommodation, healthcare and transportation.
To be eligible for the award of BS Management degree, students must earn 132 credit hours comprising of the following:
General Education Courses 36
Foundation Courses 21
Core Courses 36
Elective Courses 30
Research Project 04
Professional Development Workshop 05
Total Credit Hours 132
Further Education & Career Prospects
This program prepares students with complete arena of knowledge, skills, attitude and experience that will equip them for leadership roles required by the society at large. The BS Management (Hons) degree, in its academic standing, is at par with a USA Bachelor's degree. The graduates of BS program are eligible for admission to MPA / MS / MPhil leading to PhD programs of IAS and graduate programs of other national and foreign universities. The designed curriculum will not only help aspirants wishing to appear in CSS and PMS examinations but also assist in career development through specialized courses which are of value at home and abroad.

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