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University of the Punjab

Dr. Muhammad Riaz

Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Riaz

Dr. Muhammad Riaz has received M.Sc. M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees in Mathematics from Department of Mathematics University of the Punjab Lahore. His research interests include Pure Mathematics, Fuzzy Mathematics, Topology, Algebra, soft set theory, rough set theory, neutrosophic sets, linear Diophantine fuzzy sets, biomathematics, aggregation operators with applications in decision-making problems, medical diagnosis, artificial intelligence, computational intelligence, information measures, image processing, network topology and pattern recognition. He has published 51+ research articles in international peer-reviewed SCIE & ESCI journals with 596+ citations. He has been supervised 15 M.Phil scholars. Currently, he is supervising 3 M.Phil and 3 Ph.D. students.
He has been a reviewer for 40+ SCI journals, including Neural Computing and Applications, Applied Soft Computing, Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems, Computational and Applied Mathematics, Complexity, Complex & Intelligent Systems, Abstract and Applied Analysis, Arab Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, International Journal of Biomathematics, Evolving Systems, Journal of New Theory, Malaysian Journal of Mathematical Sciences, Neutrosophic sets and systems etc.
He is member editorial board of Journal of New theory, Journal of Advanced Studies in Topology, Decision Making: Applications in Management and Engineering (DMAME), Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Systems, International Journal of Social Science, Innovation and Educational Technologies.
As the project leader, he has directed 2 research projects at the national or provincial level. He has been delivered seminars/talks as invited speakers in many international conferences. He is student’s advisor at the department. He is member of board of studies, member board of faculty, and member of many university level committees.

Designation:- Assistant Professor