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College of Statistical Sciences

The subject of statistics was introduced in the University of the Punjab at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels in 1941. In 1950 the Department of Statistics was established by late Dr. M. Zia ud Din. In the same year in addition to postgraduate diploma course, a two-year Master's Degree Program in Statistics was started. In 1952, the Department was upgraded to the status of the Institute. Since its inception, the Institute has been engaged in individual and collective research in the field of theoretical and applied statistics. In 2007, the Institute of Statistics was upgraded to the College of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences.

Presently, the College is offering academic programs in the following areas:
1. Statistics
2. Operations Research
3. Actuarial Science
4. Biostatistics
5. Business Statistics and Management

We are planning to offer a specialization in 'Data Science'.

Principal’s Message
The Punjab University is the largest and the oldest university of the region. The College of Statistical & Actuarial Sciences is the pioneer institution in Pakistan in imparting education in Statistics. The development in 21st century has resulted in an immense importance of Statistics. Statistics provides well-developed methods for optimization and efficient decision-making, which makes it the most widely-used subject with applications in almost all the areas.
The graduates of Statistics have a wide range of national and international job opportunities. Our graduates are serving in public as well as in private sector. The job opportunities are available in teaching sector, bureau of statistics, banks, hospitals, planning & development departments, chambers of commerce & industry, research & development organizations and marketing research companies.
I welcome the new students to this pioneer seat of learning in the field of Statistics. I assure you that we will provide you the best available facilities for your learning and personality development.

M.Phil / Ph.D. Produced

• M.Phil in Statistics Produced 164
• Ph.D in Statistics Produced 07
• Ph.D in Statistics thesis (submitted) 03


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