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University of the Punjab

Dr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem

Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem
Dr. Muhammad Zafar Saleem is presently working as an Assistant Professor of the Centre for Applied Molecular Biology (CAMB), University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is an experience in establishing operational optimization across diverse Applied Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology research field on both department and national levels. Abilities for talents in strategy development and providing research/science vision and teaching. Converts strategic plans into tactical reality through establishing sufficient human resources. Devises and implements new programs and initiates successful processes to produce new products with maximum impact to Applied Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology in Pakistan. He has published various articles in journals of international repute with an approximate impact factor of 35.314, an h-index of 7, an i10 index of 6, and ~307 citations. Moreover, almost 16 DNA sequences of various plants, viral and fungi genes have been submitted to GeneBank.
Extensive experience of research and teaching in Applied Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.
127 Bacillus thuringeinesis (Bt) isolates from all over Pakistan from different sources like soil, animal dung and cultivated fields were grown and their crystal proteins were characterized for biological controls of different insects on crops.
Bt GENE (CryIAc and CryIIa) construct was developed for genetic transformation in crops (Cotton, Sugarcane and Rice) and this construct was used for the development of Traceable CEMB-Klean Cotton Transgenic Technology for third world countries.
Genetic transformation and characterization of different tolerance genes in crop plants species (Rice, Tobacco, Potato, sugarcane and Cotton).
Development of recombinant antigens in E.coli, Yeast, plant and animal cell lines for production of polyclonal antibodies as a tool for transgenes detection in GMO crops.
Plant DNA Barcoding central facility developed for molecular identification of medicinal plants, Algae and Fungi.
Production of Molecular Biology tools in CEMB/CAMB, Taq DNA polymerase, HindIII, PstI, EcoRI, BamHI (Recombinant Restriction Enzymes) and Lambda DNA molecular markers as gel stranded were produced according to research labs demands.
Bioinformatics analysis of Nucleic acids, Amino acids and Protein homology and structuring.
Active research supervision, publication and conference participation with oral and poster presentations.
Designation:- Assistant Professor