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The Institute of Islamic Studies is a symbol of ideology of Pakistan. Pakistan is the only Muslim state which demanded and obtained its right to exist primarily as Muslim Nation. Soon after the partition, the creator of Pakistan began to take steps towards the fulfillment of the objectives of this new Islamic state.
The Leader felt the dire need of introducing to the younger generation, the Islamic Ideology and the Muslim cultural heritage, and with that objectin view they planned to introduce the subject of Islamic Studies in various Universities of the country.
The Punjab University was the pioneer in this respect. The Institute of Islamic Studies was introduced in this University in 1949 to meet the above mentioned social, national and religious requirements of a new country which was to occupy the position of the largest Muslim country in the world. This Institute started functioning in the year 1950. Allama Ala-ud-Din Siddiqui, the First Head of the Institute was requested by the University authorities to organize the new Department. After the establishment of this department in this University, other Universities also instituted such departments. From 1952 to 2000 thousands of students have taken their examination and are serving the nation in various fields.
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