Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab


University of the Punjab makes admissions to different programs duly approved by the relevant bodies by adopting a procedure prescribed in the university calendar. A new program is initiated by the head of the relevant department and is duly approved by the Dean of the Faculty, Admission Committee of the University of the Punjab, the Academic Council and Syndicate. Most of the programs of the University of the Punjab were approved by the Academic Council in its meeting held on 24th April 1983 and the Syndicate in its meeting held on 3rd September 1983.
Subsequently, new programs were added by adopting the prescribed procedure. At present, University of the Punjab is offering admissions to following program in teaching Departments/Centers/Institutes/Constituent and Affiliated Colleges under the rules.
BS, B.Sc (Engg.), BBIT, Pharm-D, B.Com, BBA, BFA, LLB (5-years), B.Arch., M.A., M.Sc., MPA, MBA., MB ECON, MIM, MIOM, MBSM, Certificate, Diploma, Graduate Diploma,  MBIT, MFA, M.Arch., M.Sc (Engg.), M.Sc. (Hons), LLM, MS, M.Phil., MBA 1½ years, M.Com, MD & Ph.D.
Notwithstanding anything contained in any of the University Regulations, admission for each academic year in the University Departments/Centers/ Institutes/Constituent/Affiliated Colleges shall be made in accordance with these Regulations.

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