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University College of Engineering & Emerging Technologies

The Department of Electrical Engineering was founded in 2005 under the College of Engineering and emerging technologies (CEET) that offers the B.Sc. (Engg) degree in Electrical Engineering to meet the increasing demand for highly educated engineering graduates.
Electrical Engineering has been, and contiues to be, one of the most challenging and , at the same time, rewarding professions of modern society. Electrical Engineers continue to provide both technology and technological leadership for devolopments in numerous feilds including computers, Computer-Adied Engineering, Telecommunications, Automatic Control, Optics, Semoconductors, neno technology, and energy conservation. In addition, Electrical Engineers are being challenged to supply technical expertise to support advances in many other feilds such as enrgy managment, transportaion systems, Health Care Delivry, and Public Policymaking.
Since its inception, The Department has been active in recruiting outstanding new faculty members to support its teaching and research activities and we continiously add significantly to this faculty base. our young faculty members have tremendous potential to change the traditional way of thinking about engineering education, pedagogy and research excillence. The Department strives for continious improvement and we continue to update the Department's undergraduate criculla to better meet the needs of today's students and tomorrow's practicing engineering, as well as for students who want a strong technical background.
We welcome talented students to join this program to shoulder the responsibility as Electrical Engineers in building our nation and assisting all other engineering disciplines as needed by the society and industry.


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