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Department of French

The Department of French was established in 1951 in order to cater to the needs of French language learning students. French is a living, practical language, unsurpassed in clarity, logic, precision and finesse besides having diplomatic, commercial and scientific uses. It has a soul and a character of its own owing to its rich civilization. It is spoken in as many as 42 countries of the world and is internationally recognized to be a cultured and refined language. It is also the official language of the United Nations.
The French Department offers graduate and postgraduate besides various short courses in French. The Department of French has witnessed a number of  transformations during its past 65 years of creation at the University of the Punjab.

A quick glance at the past decades of the department, shows that;
The first major transformation came with the introduction of Business French Courses in 90's.
The second major achievement was the conception, planning and introduction of a new programme of M.A. French under semester system whose courses were at par with those taught in the French Universities at that time. It was effectively launched in 2002.
The third major success was the introduction of French Online course in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Islamabad and the Alliance Française and, after a couple of years of hard work, the Memorandum of Understanding was ultimately signed in 2004 by the French Ambassador and our Vice-Chancellor.
Our focus is now on the M.Phil. and Ph.D level programmes with a view:
to train the young teachers and graduates
to prepare them to start their career
and enter the professional market with a sound and high academic profile.
We have also introduced Internship Schemes for the final term graduates so as to provide them opportunity to foresee a working environment before making their professional debut.
Our future plans include the Linkage of French academics with the global market , providing francophone professionals to the industry of trade, commerce, marketing, tourism, translators and interpreters to the international bureaucratic domain , and, of course, teachers and trainers to the education sector.
The French Department welcomes the applicants and the new entrants to this department and hopes that they will join our training courses with high ambition and enthusiasm to achieve the above-mentioned goals. Their joint efforts with our dedicated team will result in yet bigger achievements and laurels, and that the months and years spent at this department will be fruitful.
Learning French will give you great opportunities in:
Teaching French as a second language
Interpretation for a foreign delegation
Translation of simple to complex documents
International Customer Care Representation
Business Process Out-sourcing (BPO)
Private sector (telecommunication, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, transportation sectors)
We are currently offering:
Masters in French (2 year program)
BS in French (4 year program)
Short Courses: DELF A1, DELF A2 (4months course) + Online Courses options

Publications/ Research / Books

Seminar/ Conferences