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Institute of Information Management

The Institute of Information Management, University of the Punjab (PU), Lahore offers high quality education and research facilities to meet the needs of an emerging information and knowledge society in Pakistan. IIM has the services of internationally known, eminent, senior and young faculty comprising PhDs and MPhils along with the visiting faculty with outstanding professional and academic credentials.
The infrastructure has also been developed to cater the needs of a changing scenario.
We all know that the information and knowledge are no more restricted by the physical book and the physical library while the user does not need to physically move to the library to use his needed information. We live and work in both real and cyber world. The introduction of computers, the Internet, large-scale digitization of information,  development of World-Wide-Web and the resulting access to full-text information located anywhere from anywhere have changed the information behavior of people.
Responding to all these developments, the nature of this discipline and the profession has changed also. The discipline and the profession have developed systems and tools to meet needs of both kinds of environments, physical and digital. Consequently, the nomenclature of the Institute has been changed from ‘Library and Information Science’ to ‘Information Management’ (IM) in 2014 to cater the needs of diverse situations, public and private enterprises and allow a variety of specialization tracks.
As new economies are driven by information and knowledge, our program focuses on the emerging needs of our society. We are committed to produce such information managers/professionals who can identify, evaluate, select, acquire, organize, maintain, and disseminate information without any limitations of form, time, and space. The information and knowledge world has evolved from stone and clay tablets to electronic tablets and we had been responding to every development as professionals. We will keep on evolving.
In this discipline, the Institute is the oldest seat of learning in Asia established in 1915 by an American Librarian, Asa Don Dickenson, to offer a Certificate in Librarianship. The world’s first textbook on the subject was also published in 1916 by the PU. In the past, the Dept. has gone through the changes in nomenclature from Librarianship to Library Science to Library and Information Science to Information Management. The Certificate course was upgraded to Diploma in 1956 with revised courses and duration, and 2 year Master program started in 1974. The research education program (MPhil and PhD) was introduced in 2005, meeting all HEC requirements. Our program and research contribution is recognized throughout Pakistan as the leading one with unmatched scholarly environment and facilities. From its beginning the Institute has produced thousands of professionals serving throughout Pakistan and abroad.
In the field of Library and Information Science/ Information Management, it is the only Institute in Pakistan with highest number of Ph.D. faculty members and highest number of research publications in International and National well reputed journals.
The Institute celebrated 100 years of its existence in 2015 with utmost zeal and jubilation.


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