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Centre for Geographic Information System [GIS]

In the developed world spatial technologies such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing are playing a pivotal role in natural resource management and its efficient utilization. To keep up with the pace of modern technologies, GIS centre is offering short term training courses as well as MSc in GIS. If you are interested in environmental management, information technology, surveying, agriculture, forestry, business management, archaeology, military or just interested in geography you must consider enrolling in these courses. This will not only give you an edge over others but will also assist you in finding employment in this exciting field.
GIS and remote sensing rely on acquiring, analyzing and processing spatial data obtained from satellite images as well as from traditional sources such as aerial photographs and ground based surveys. GIS centre is well equipped with the state of the art hardware, software & lab facilities. These courses will assist you not only to learn the theoretical aspects of remote sensing & GIS technologies but will also provide “hands on experience” by applying and working on real life problems. GIS courses are taught by foreign qualified staff members. In the University of the Punjab, GIS centre was established in year 2001. As a result MSc GIS program was launched in the Department of Geography. Currently, GIS Centre is Independently running MSc and M.Phil Programes in the Premises of the Punjab University Quali-i-Azam (New) Campus Lahore. Majority of the outgoing GIS graduates are currently working in various Government and non-Government organizations and taking initiatives in our national development.


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