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Department of Kashmiriat

The Department of Kashmiryat established in 1982. It is located at Allama Iqbal Campus (Old Campus) University of the Punjab, Lahore with its autonomous character as an academic institution for objectively studying, analyzing, debating and re-evaluating multi-dimensional aspects of Kashmiri rich cultural, lingual, political, intellectual and spiritual heritage. Since its foundation, the department of Kashmiryat has been working to enhance research and development in the field of Kashmiryat.
Pakistan has close historical, religious, social, economic and geographical ties with state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was the need of time to promote Kashmiri as a regional language. The University of the Punjab remained very vigilant and took the initiative by starting from the basic roots with Kashmiri certificate and diploma classes in the department of Kashmiryat in 1982. Since then with the co-operation of the University authorities the department of Kashmiryat has progressed. A postgraduate level program was started in the department of Kashmiryat in 1987, which aimed to explore and promote all aspects of Jammu and Kashmir which further initiated M.Phil and Ph.D regular program in 2005.
Department of Kashmiryat is offering new field of studies having applied applications, alongwith the traditional moral values to promote broader vision through inter-disciplinary approach. The department of Kashmiryat is enabling the students to learn from the highest seat of learning to understand the dynamic of social phenomenon in Pakistani society while satisfying the requirements of 21st century. The Department of Kashmiryat is committed to ensure quality teaching and research in different areas of Kashmir which meet all the educational standards of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

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