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Centre For Integrated Mountain Research (CIMR)

The Centre for Integrated Mountain Research (CIMR), University of the Punjab was established in 27 July, 1987 to address the demands of integrated sustainable research and development of mountain areas of the Pakistan. This is very first Centre of its kind in the country addressing 58% of the National Territory. The concept of integrated development of mountainous regions not only ensures socio-economic uplift of the mountain communities but also makes indirect contribution towards plain areas due to their intimate linkages through tectonic and erosional phenomena. The Centre was established with the objectives of high level goal oriented teaching and research in the development and management of mountainous regions in the country. These objectives are being achieved by imparting graduate and post-graduate degrees, conducting specialized research, dissemination of the knowledge through short courses, seminars, workshops, etc. The Centre is imparting high quality teaching and research in the field of mountain conservation, development and management; integrated watershed management, integrated land resources management; water harvesting and conservation; Mountain Disasters Risk Management; climate change-impact assessment, monitoring and adaptation strategies in mountain resources; mountain resource mapping and management & its allied disciplines. Centre is running MSc (Mountain Conservation and Watershed Management, MCWM), MPhil & PhD (Geo-Environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development, GCSD) and PGD in Integrated Land Resources Management degree programs.

The Centre for Integrated Mountain Research functions as a Nucleus for administrative and reference purposes at the Punjab University, Quaid-i-Azam Campus, Lahore, and as an Operational Base at the Khanaspur Campus of the University, with provision to establish more such field stations in the country.
Its main function is to plan and execute community-oriented integrated research projects that may assist in the development of mountainous regions and the socio-economic uplift of the mountain population.
It accepts integrated research projects as well as offers such projects to relevant agencies and research groups at national and international levels, having objectives in consonance with that of the CIMR.
It plans and operates practical training and managerial programs in order to involve mountain manpower in the management of resources, conservation of ecosystems and improvement of mountain environments.
It aims at offering such academic programs in ‘Mountain Conservation and watershed Management', and Geo-environmental Conservation and Sustainable Development' that have practical utility for the development of mountainous regions and preparation of mountain population for job opportunities.
Its policy is to publish results of integrated research and project achievements, in addition to issuing monographs, reviews and special publications. The Centre will also render information dissemination and exchange services.


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