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Institute of Business & Information Technology

The Institute of Business & Information Technology (IBIT) has been established to blend state of the art technological tools with modern business practices. Our vision is to develop students who would work efficiently and survive in global markets.
      Multinational organizations are expanding over the world. Therefore, pooling of scarce resources, advancement and transfer of technology, creating green organizations for preserving the natural environment, developing virtual corporations with no boundaries, and ultimately developing the geocentric style of management are not just theoretical concepts any more. Rather these are inevitable tools to compete and survive in the Future. We would prepare our Students to tackle the aforementioned challenges of tomorrow.
      The Institute of Business & Information Technology will provide a platform to the students and scholars to work jointly for developing the nation. Pakistan needs better management more than anything else. Under the umbrella of the University of the Punjab this Institute will become a great source of learning. We will develop the leaders and managers of tomorrow. Information Technology alone is not the answer for growth and development rather a sound management and usage of tools of information technology will be the key to success.
      The BBIT (Hons) and MBIT (Direct) programs are the humble start of the Institute. These programs are meticulously designed to meet competitive international standards. The courses have an optimal blend of IT tools and management as a science. We hope to attract the best faculty to teach these courses. We envisage that in the near future we will be able to start a Ph.D. program since we will have the necessary resources.

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