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PU, Shaoor Foundation sign MoU
PU, Shaoor Foundation sign MoU

LAHORE: Memorandum of Understanding between University of the Punjab, Lahore and Shaoor Foundation for Education & Awareness, Islamabad.
University of the Punjab (PU): A public sector university (Est. 1882) the historical and culturally alive city of Lahore has played a leading role in higher education. It is the largest and the oldest seat of higher learning in Pakistan. It comprises of 5 Campuses, 13 Faculties, 10 Constituent Colleges and over 73 departments/Centres/Institutes.
Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness (SFEA): A leading civil society organization that has worked for education, awareness, research and capacity building on peace, promotion of tolerance and entrepreneurship with more than 40 universities across Pakistan since 2008.
Both sides have agreed to: Foster mutual cooperation and collaboration for the promotion of peace, tolerance, civic education and entrepreneurship.
Hold joint research, seminars, consultative workshops, conferences and other activities in the areas of the common interest.
Support each other in access and outreach to different stakeholders, communities and audiences for spreading the common cause.
Explore the options for sharing expertise and resources to improve the team capacities of both institutions.
Collaborate in efforts for promoting harmony, inclusivity and mutual respect among different segments of society, especially the university youth.
Jointly design special initiatives for youth/students in areas of peace-building, entrepreneurship, gender equality and civic education.
The Memorandum does not connote any financial compulsions on any side; however, both sides will strive to work together for the common cause. Moreover, it shall remain valid till the time both parties wish to continue with mutual agreement.