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1st International Conference on Eating Disorders at Institute of Applied Psychology
1st International Conference on Eating Disorders at Institute of Applied Psychology

In a gesture of appreciation, Professor Dr. Rafia Rafique, Director Institute of Applied Psychology, organized a meeting to honor the dedicated volunteers who successfully managed “1st International Conference on Eating Disorders” at Institute of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab. The volunteers exhibited unwavering commitment and professionalism throughout the conference, leaving a lasting impact on the attendees. The meeting served as a platform for the volunteers to share their personal experiences, reflecting on their growth and valuable lessons learned during their involvement in this significant event. The volunteers expressed their deep gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to such a prestigious gathering in the field of applied psychology. They spoke passionately about how the experience empowered them by providing a platform to demonstrate their skills, collaborate with experts, and broaden their sensibilities by exposing them to diverse viewpoints and cutting-edge research.

Prof. Dr. Rafique commended the volunteers for their outstanding efforts and personally applauded their contributions. Moreover certificates were distributed to acknowledge their valuable work. Furthermore, Dr. Rafique encouraged the volunteers to continue participating in similar activities, emphasizing the importance of their continued involvement and the positive impact they can make in future endeavors. The meeting served as a catalyst for inspiring the volunteers to actively engage in more such meaningful initiatives, fostering a spirit of ongoing commitment and personal growth within the institute.