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PU PSC organizes seminar
PU PSC organizes seminar

LAHORE: (Saturday, February 03, 2024): In connection with the Kashmir Solidarity Day, Punjab University Pakistan Study Centre (PSC) organized a seminar on ‘Kashmir: Past and Present’. On this occasion, Associate Professor of Department of Kashmiriat Dr Sardar Asghar Iqbal, Director PSC Prof Dr Naumana Kiran, faculty members and students were present. In his keynote address, Dr Sardar Asghar Iqbal presented an in-depth analysis of the Kashmir issue. From the Pakistani perspective, he analyzed Pakistan’s policy towards Kashmir. He based his arguments on history and referred to authentic books to support his stance. He skillfully connected the past to the present and talked in detail about the current issues as well. Dr Naumana Kiran said that Dr Asghar’s address was solution oriented and a hopeful note towards a positive direction. She said that the event provided an opportunity to delve into the complexities and intricacies surrounding the Kashmir issue and to raise awareness about it. It is also a platform for empathy, solidarity with Kashmiri people and pursuit of peace. She believed that dialogue was the only solution to the issue.