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Methods of Study and Research


This course aims at the dissemination of knowledge about the scientific methods of study and conduction of research. The course is specifically designed to serve the needs of postgraduate students in general, and the students with scholastic bent of mind, in particular who intend to go for higher education. A familiarity with latest / modern methods of study and the basic skills of research will facilitate the future assignments of would-be scholars. Tutors of this course should ask the students to prepare their semester assignments with the application of basic research techniques.


1. Approaches to the Study of Political Science:

a) Normative;

b) Positivistic;

c) Disciplinary;

d) Intra-Disciplinary;

e) Behavioral

2. Methods:

a) Comparative;

b) Analytical;

c) Deductive / Inductive;

d) Quantitative / Qualitative;

e) Scientific.

3. Scientific Research:

a) Concepts;

b) Theories;

c) Facts;

d) Laws;

e) Generalization;

f) Prediction.

4. Research:

a) Meaning, Kinds and Importance;

5. Steps involved in Research Process:

• Selection of the problems;

• Hypothesis;

• Research Design (Components);

• Techniques for the collection of data – Observation, Interviews, Questionnaires, Scrutiny of

• Documents; Sampling, Sampling Design;

• Application of Computer

NOTE: In the 4th year, a student will be required to study five courses. One of these entitled: Methods of Study and Research will be a compulsory course. Four other can be chosen from a list of advanced courses.

Credit hours/ Marks:- 04 Cr. Hrs.

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