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Applications for Appointment of Research Scholars/Students

Job Type: Applications for Appointment of Research Scholars/Students
No. of Posts: -
Department: Institute of Quality and Technology Management

This Institute is in a rapid and systematic expansion process. In last two months, Institute has successfully integrated with South Asian Standardization (Chengdu) Research Centre, China, and Faisalabad Industrial Estate Development Management Company (FIEDMC). This integration and further expansion requires immediate human resource at this Institute.
PhD students, in the subject of Total Quality Management, enrolled at this Institute are invited to apply for the position of Research Scholar/Student at this Institute. The appointment procedure and other terms and conditions as mentioned in University of the Punjab Calendar at page 679-681 will be applicable. Last date to apply for this position is 15th October, 2020. Each applicant shall submit a broad outline on their proposed plan of work along-with their applications. They shall also state their special qualifications to undertake research in the subject of Total Quality Management.
Applications complete in all respects should be submitted to the office of the undersigned before 04:00 PM till 15th October, 2020.
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(Dr. Muhammad Usman Awan)

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