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Admission Notices

Admission Notice for B.Sc. / BS / B.Ed. / BBIT / BFA / B.Com / BBA (Hons.) & BS 5th Semester M&S;.S (A/R/E) Programs Academic Year 2023-24

The Online Admission Form for Academic Year 2023-24 in the following Departments / Institutes / Colleges / Centers, are available at: OR

For 5th Semester candidates may also apply on the basis of 3rd Year Result (ADP).
For BS 1st Semester, the candidates will be given 25% weightage of PU Admission Test result.
PROGRAMS OFFERED in Morning (M), Evening (E), Replica (R), Afternoon (A), Self-Supporting (S.S.)
1st Semester
5th Semester (in Place Old M.A/M.Sc.)
Arts & Humanities Archaeology (M&S.S),
English (M&R),
French (M),
History (M),
Pak. Studies (S.S),
Philosophy (M&R),
Physical Education (M&S.S)
Archaeology (M&S.S),
English (M&S.S),
History (M),
French (M),
Pak. Studies(S.S),
Philosophy (M&R),
Physical Education (M&S.S)
Behavioral & Social Sciences Political Science (M),
International Relation (S.S),
Social Work (M&S.S),
Social Work Entrepreneurship (M&S.S),
Gender Studies (M&S.S),
Applied Psychology (M&S.S),
Clinical Psychology (M&S.S),
Sociology (M&S.S),
Criminology (M&S.S),
Public Health (M&S.S),
Human Nutrition & Dietetics (M&S.S),
Workplace Health & Safety Promotion (M&S.S),
Demography (M&S.S)
Political Science (M),
International Relations (S.S),
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies (S.S),
Social Work (M),
Sociology (M&S.S),
Criminology (S.S),
Gender Studies (M&S.S),
Applied Psychology (M&S.S)
Information & Media Studies Communication Studies (M&S.S),
Journalism Studies (M&S.S),
Public Relations and Advertising (M&S.S),
Film and Broadcast Media Studies (S.S),
Digital Media and Communication (M&S.S),
Media and Development Communication (M&S.S),
Information Management (M&A)
Communication Studies (S.S),
Journalism Studies (S.S),
Information Management (M&A)
Commerce Commerce (M/S.S & E),
E-Commerce (M/S.S & E),
Accounting & Finance (M/S.S & E),
Accounting & Taxation (M/S.S & E),
BBA (Hons)-Hailey College of Banking & Finance (M, A & E)
Commerce (M,S.S & E),
BBA-5th Semester (M&E) (Hailey College of Banking & Finance)
Business, Economics & Administrative Sciences

Economics (M&S.S),
Business Economics (M&S.S),
Management (M&S.S),
BBA (Hons.) (M&S.S),

Management (M&S.S)
Electrical, Energy & Environmental Engineering B. Sc (Engg.) Electrical Engineering (M)
B. Sc. (Engg.) Energy Engineering (M)
Chemical and Materials Engineering B.Sc (Engg) Chemical Engineering (M&S.S)
B.Sc (Engg) Chemical Engineering with specialization in Petroleum and Gas Engineering (M&S.S)
B.Sc (Engg.) Metallurgy & Materials Engineering (M&S.S)
Quality & Industrial Systems Engineering

B.Sc (Engg.) Industrial Engineering & Management (M)

Quality & Performance Management (M&S.S)

Education Education (Elementary) (M&S.S),
Education (Secondary) (M&S.S),
Education (Islamic) (M&S.S),
English (Applied Linguistics) (M&S.S),
Education (Research & Assessment) (M&S.S),
Business Education (M&S.S),
Science Education (M&S.S),
Technology Education (M&S.S),
Education (Early Childhood) (M&S.S)
Special Education (R&S.S)
Education (Elementary) (M&S.S), 
Education (Secondary) (M&S.S),
Education (Islamic) (M&S.S),
English (Applied Linguistics) (M&S.S),
Education (Early Childhood) (M&S.S),
Education (Research & Assessment) (M&S.S),
Business Education (M&S.S),
Science Education (M&S.S),
Technology Education (S.S),
B.Ed. (1.5 Years) (M&S.S)
Islamic Studies Islamic Studies (Specialization: Quran & Uloom ul Quran, Hadith & Uloom ul Hadith, Seerah & History, Study of World Religions) (M),
Islamic Studies (Specialization: Study of World Religions) (S.S),
Islamic Studies (Tafsir-o-Hadith) (M&S.S)
Islamic Studies (M) (Institute of Islamic Studies),
Islamic Studies (M) (Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre, Tafsir-o-Hadith)
Life Sciences Botany (M&S.S),
Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (M&S.S),
Zoology (M&S.S),
Biochemistry (M&S.S),
Biotechnology (M&S.S)
Botany (M&S.S),
Zoology (M&S.S),
Biochemistry (M)
Agricultural Sciences Agriculture (M&R),
Food Science and Technology (S.S)
Oriental Learning Arabic (M),
Kashmir Studies (M),
Persian (M),
Punjabi (M),
Urdu (M)
Arabic (M),
Kashmir Studies (M),
Persian (M),
Punjabi (M),
Urdu (M)
Sciences Mathematics (M&S.S),
Physics (M&S.S),
Computational Physics (M&S.S),
Space Science (M&R),
Chemistry (M&S.S),
Statistics (with specializations in Biostatistics, Data Science, Operations Research, Actuarial Science) (M&S.S);
Biostatistics (M&S.S)
Mathematics (M&S.S),
Physics (M),
Space Science (M),
Computational Physics (M&S.S),
Chemistry (M&S.S)
Geo-Sciences Tourism & Hospitality Management (M&S.S),
Environmental Sciences (M&S.S),
Hydrology & Water Resources Management (M&S.S),
Applied Geology (M&R),
Geographical Information System (M&S.S),
Disaster Management (M),
Geography (M&S.S)
Tourism & Hospitality Management (M&S.S),
Hydrology & Water Resources Management (M&S.S),
PGD Occupational Health & Safety (S.S),
Geographical Information System (M&S.S),
Geography (M)
Computing & Information Technology Software Engineering (M & S.S) Old Campus & Software Engineering (M) New Campus,
Computer Science (M) Old Campus & New Campus,
Information Technology (M) Old Campus & New Campus,
Data Science (M&S.S) New Campus
Gujranwala Campus BBA Hons. (M&S.S),
English (M&S.S),
BBA Hons. with specialization in Banking & Finance (M/S.S&E),
Commerce (M/S.S&E),
Accounting & Finance (M/S.S&E),
Computer Science (M),
Information Technology (M)
BBA-5th Semester with specialization in Banking & Finance (M&S.S)
B.Com Hons. (M&S.S)
Jhelum Campus Management (M&S.S),
BBA Hons (M&S.S),
Commerce (M&S.S),
Accounting & Finance (M&S.S),
English (M),
Computer Science (M)

For online Admission Queries, Helpline # +92-(0)42-111-001-882 (Extension: 143, 145, 173, 175, 187)
(Helpline will remain open on working days during admission process from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM)
Opening Date for Online Submission: 10-07-2023 (08:00 A.M)

Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood
Chairman Admission Committee Quaid-e-Azam (New) Campus,
University of the Punjab, Lahore. Ph # +92-(0)42-99230259

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