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Admission Notices

Admission Notice for Undergraduate Programs Academic Year 2023-24 (PHASE-II)

All those applicants who are interested in applying for admission to the Undergraduate Programs being offered by the University of the Punjab, Lahore are hereby informed that it is mandatory to appear in the PU Admission Test. The third test is tentatively scheduled on 01st October, 2023.
Candidates will apply separately for entry test and admission form on different portals mentioned below.
PHASE-II Admissions are only for Open Merit Seats & No Hostel facility will be provided.

Admission Test Information

For registration, please visit the following link:
 Who can apply for Admission Test
Students who have passed Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) or Equivalent / Grade 12 education.
This test is optional for those who already appeared in any of the previous two entry tests of University of the Punjab, Lahore.
 Admission Test Categories
The Admission Test will be conducted in the following seven categories based on relevant academic streams/disciplines:
Sr. No.
Stream / Discipline Test Category
Pre-Engineering PU-E
Pre-Medical PU-M
Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences PU-AHS
ICS with Physics Combination PU-CSP
ICS with Statistics Combination PU-CSS
General Science PU-GS
Commerce PU-COM
The weightage of admission test is 25% of the total merit calculation.
 Admission Test Breakup and Marks Distribution
The detailed breakup of the test and marks distribution for all the PU Admission Test categories are available at:
 How to Apply for PU Admission Test
The Admission Test fee is PKR 1500/-. The test fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
Download Fee Challan while Registering for the Admission Test at Fee Challan is only available through PU Admission Portal. The Fee can be paid at any branch of HBL, UBL or Mobile Banking through 1Bill.
All Applicants are required to upload image of proof of payment on the portal to complete the application process.
Both LAT and PU Admission Test will be mandatory for admission to LLB Program in University of the Punjab.
Admission Test will be held in the University of the Punjab, Quaid-e-Azam Campus, Lahore.

Last date for Online Registration of PU 3rd Admission Test is 25th September, 2023


Online Admission Forms Submission Process

The Online Admission for Academic Year 2023-24 (PHASE-II) is only for the remaining seats in the following Departments / Institutes / Colleges / Centers and forms are available at: or
For 5th Semester, the candidates may also apply on the basis of 3rd Year Result (ADP)
PROGRAMS OFFERED in Morning (M), Evening (E), Replica (R), Afternoon (A), Self-Supporting (S.S.)
1st Semester
5th Semester (in Place Old M.A/M.Sc.)
Art & Humanities Archaeology (S.S),
French (M),
Pak. Studies (S.S),
Philosophy (M&R),
Physical Education (S.S)
Archaeology (M&S.S),
Pak. Studies (S.S),
Philosophy (M&R),
Physical Education (S.S)
Behavioral & Social Sciences International Relation (S.S),
Social Work (S.S),
Social Work Entrepreneurship (M&S.S),
Gender Studies (S.S),
Sociology (S.S),
Criminology (S.S),
Workplace Health & Safety Promotion (M&S.S),
Demography (M&S.S)
International Relations (S.S),
Diplomacy & Strategic Studies (S.S),
Sociology (M&S.S),
Criminology (S.S),
Gender Studies (S.S)
Information & Media Studies Journalism Studies (S.S),
Public Relations and Advertising (S.S),
Film and Broadcast Media Studies (S.S),
Media and Development Communication (S.S),
Information Management (A)
Journalism Studies (S.S),
Information Management (A)
Commerce Commerce (S.S & E),
E-Commerce (S.S & E),
Accounting & Finance (S.S & E),
Accounting & Taxation (S.S & E),
BBA (Hons)-Hailey College of Banking & Finance (A & E)
Commerce 5th Semester (S.S & E),
BBA-5th Semester (Hailey College of Banking & Finance) (E)
Business, Economics & Administrative Sciences Economics (S.S),
Business Economics (S.S),
Management (S.S),
BBA (Hons.) (S.S),
Management (S.S)
Education Education (Elementary) (S.S),
Education (Secondary) (S.S),
Education (Islamic) (S.S),
English (Applied Linguistics) (S.S),
Education (Research & Assessment) (S.S),
Business Education (S.S),
Science Education (S.S),
Technology Education (S.S),
Education (Early Childhood) (S.S)
Special Education (S.S)
Education (Elementary) (S.S), 
Education (Secondary) (S.S),
Education (Islamic) (S.S),
English (Applied Linguistics) (S.S),
Education (Early Childhood) (S.S),
Education (Research& Assessment) (S.S),
Business Education (M&S.S),
Science Education (M&S.S),
Technology Education (S.S),
B.Ed. (1.5 Years) (M&S.S)
Islamic Studies Islamic Studies Tafsir-o-Hadith (M& S.S) Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre,
Islamic Studies (S.S) (Institute of Islamic Studies)
Islamic Studies  Tafsir-o-Hadith (M) Sheikh Zayed Islamic Centre,
Islamic Studies (M) (Institute of Islamic Studies)
Life Sciences Botany (S.S),
Zoology (S.S)
Botany (S.S),
Zoology (S.S),
Agricultural Sciences Agriculture (M&R)  
Oriental Learning Kashmir Studies (M),
Persian (M),
Punjabi (M)
Kashmir Studies (M),
Persian (M),
Punjabi (M)
Science Mathematics (M&S.S),
Computational Physics (S.S),
Space Science (R),
Chemistry (S.S)
Statistics (with specializations in Biostatistics, Data Science, Operations Research, Actuarial Science)
(S.S); Biostatistics(S.S)
Space Science (M),
Computational Physics (S.S),
Statistics (S.S),
Chemistry (S.S)
Geo-Sciences Tourism & Hospitality Management (S.S),
Environmental Sciences (S.S),
Hydrology & Water Resources Management (M&S.S),
Applied Geology (R),
Disaster Management (M),
Geography (S.S)
Tourism & Hospitality Management (S.S),
Hydrology & Water Resources Management (M&S.S),
Gujranwala Campus BBA Hons. (S.S),
BS-English (S.S),
BBA Hons. with specialization in Banking & Finance (S.S&E),
BS Commerce (M,S.S&E), 
BS Accounting & Finance (S.S&E)
BBA-5th Semester with specialization in Banking & Finance(S.S),
B.Com Hons.5th Semester (M&S.S)
Jhelum Campus Management (S.S),
BBA Hons (S.S),
Commerce (M&S.S),
Accounting & Finance (M&S.S),
For online Admission Queries, Helpline # +92-(0)42-111-001-882 (Extension: 143, 145, 173, 175, 187)
(Helpline will remain open on working days during admission process from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM)
Opening Date for Online Admission Forms Submission and Admission Test Registration: 16-09-2023 (08:00 A.M)

Last Date for Online Admission forms Submission: 06-10-2023 till 11:59 PM

Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood
Pro-Vice Chancellor / Chairman, Admission Committee Ph # +92-(0)42-99232059
Helpline # +92-(0)42-111-001-882 (Extensions: 143, 145, 173, 175, 187)

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