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The economic growth of modern industrialized society have been based on the efficient utilization of energy locked in fossil fuels-Coal, Petroleum and Natural Gas. Pakistan's measured coal deposits are 3.3 billion tonnes while its present level of production is 3.4 million tonnes per year which amounts to 4.7% of its total energy requirements compared to that of 23.5% of total world primary energy obtained from coal. Countries rich in coal deposits like Pakistan generate 52 - 96% of their required electricity by utilizing coal (compared to that of 0.4% in Pakistan) while this country spends about 670 million U.S.$ per year on the import of furnace oil used mostly for electricity generation. The situation demands to accord top priority to enhance the share of energy supplies from coal by exploiting its huge indigenous resources so as to achieve self reliance in key areas of national needs. The present government has taken a right step to initiate 1000MW coal fired electricity generation project from Thar coal and coal gasification projects in order to obtain self reliance in the energy sector. On the national human resource development programme, the University of the Punjab under dynamic leadership and futuristic vision of its Vice-Chancellor, has taken lead to establish the first Centre of Coal Technology in the country to provide technical manpower and research back up for the following:
i. Coal gasification ii. Coal fired electricity generation
iii. Domestic utilization of coal
iv. Substitution of furnace oil/ natural gas by coal in the industrial sector
v. Transfer of coal technology from developed / developing countries to Pakistan
vi. Spread of knowledge, experience and skill to the public within the country by integrating results on indigenous coals.


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