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Refund of Fees under Regular Programs

Refund of Fees and Funds
Refund of Fees etc. under Self Finance Scheme
  Refund of Fees and Funds under Regular Programs
Fees and Funds (University and departmental dues) of a students are transferable to any other Department of University of the Punjab subject to the approval of Chairman, Admission Committee.
After the closing date of admission, only the amounts of security and examination fee are refundable.
All dues are refundable in case of cancellation of admission granted due to mistake, miscalculation, neglect or omission by Punjab University . Dues are not refundable in case of cancellation of admission on the basis of (i) misstatements, (ii) incorrect information, (iii) concealment of facts, (iv) fake certificates and (v) use of any other unfair means from student's side.
Any over payment is refundable through application.
The amount of security is refundable within three years of the last date of admission.
  Refund of Fees under Self Supporting Scheme
Where the circumstances of the student does not allow him/her to continue studies due to sudden change in time table/change of subject, whole fee may be refunded.
Where a student leaves the Department after attending the classes' even for one day fee will not be refunded. However, the library security and Examination fee can be refunded within one year of the admission.
If a student does not intend to continue his studies due to death/disability of his/her/father/ guardian full fee may be refunded.
In case of death of student or his/her physical or mental incapacity, fee can be refunded. The amount of refund will be determined by the Vice-Chancellor according to the circumstances of the case.
Where a student has withdrawn his/her admission before attending the class and vacated seat is filled in due course, 100% amount may be refunded.
Where a student joins any other institution (affiliated with the University) or any other University and leave the Punjab University Department before attending the class and vacated seat is filled in due course, his/her 50% fee may be refunded on the production of new Institution's admission certificate.
Where a candidate got admission in a regular class against merit/reserved seat, in the Punjab University the amount paid on Self Supporting Scheme may be refunded after one month of the closing date of admission.
The Vice-Chancellor may allow refund to any student on compassionate ground, resulting from circumstances beyond his/her control.
All applications shall be addressed to the Treasurer through the Head of the Institution with full particulars.

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