Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Rules & Regulations

There shall be an Admission Committee to supervise admissions. The Admission Committee constituted for the purpose shall be as under:-
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Chairman)
Deans of all the Faculties
Principals of Constituent Colleges
Chairman, Semester Implementation Committee
Director, undergraduate studies
Chairperson, DPCC
Adviser Students
Registrar, University of the Punjab, Lahore (Secretary)
Admission shall be made, except for the reserved seats on the basis of merit in accordance with the criteria laid down by the Academic Council from time to time. However,
In case of admission to BS or equivalent and MA/M.Sc or equivalent classes including Senior Diploma in physical Education two marks will be deducted for each late year to a maximum of two years as fixed by the Admission Committee and approved by the Vice-Chancellor. The deduction of marks for the late years is not applicable to MS/Phil and Ph. D programs. More so, the immediate last two sessions will be considered for admission only.
The criteria for admission to all other classes, not enumerated in clause (a) above will be notified separately after it is chalked out by the Admission Committee and approved by the Vice- Chancellor but admission to the other classes shall also be governed mutatis mutandis by these regulations. The affiliated colleges will, however, frame their own Rules and Regulations for admission to undergraduate classes.
Students whose names were dropped or struck off from the rolls of any University Teaching Department/ Center/Institute/Constituent/Affiliated College due to shortage of lectures or non-payment of dues or poor performance or non-appearance in examination etc., in the annual system, shall not be granted readmission without the permission of the Syndicate. The Syndicate may not consider such cases except on the recommendations of the University Admission Committee. The University Admission Committee may consider such cases on the recommendations of the respective Deans of the Faculties/Principals of Affiliated Colleges. However, the students dropped or struck off from the rolls of any University Teaching Department/Center/Institute/Constituent/Affiliated College due to poor performance under semester system shall not be granted re-admission in any case in the same Department/Center/Institute/Constituent/Affiliated Colleges.
In case the students remain absent from the class for seven consecutive days without leave, his/her name shall be removed from the rolls. However, the student is eligible for re-admission approved by the Chairman, Admission Committee on the payment of re-admission fee in the Punjab University account (See Dues/Fee Book).
Only those candidates who have passed the BA/B. Sc/ BS/ BFA/ BBIT/ B. Com/ BBA/ MBBS/ B. Sc (Engg) / Pharm.-D/ MBI T/ M. Com/LLB/ MPA/ MA/ M. Sc/ LLM/ M. Sc (Engg)/ MS/ M. Phil or any equivalent examination shall be eligible for admission to the next higher class.
The Chairmen/Directors/Principals of the Departments/Centers/Institutes/Constituent/Affiliated Colleges shall, each year, communicate for approval to the Admission Committee through the Dean of the Faculty concerned/Principal of the Affiliated Colleges, prior to admission, the total number of students to be admitted including the students to be admitted against the reserved seats. This number shall not be increased without the prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor, nor shall the criteria be modified without his approval. Special criteria for weightage in admission to a particular discipline, against merit seats will equally apply to the Affiliated Colleges. The Affiliated Colleges may, however, determine their own special criteria for filling the Reserved Seats.
Any student, who was rusticated, expelled, or whose entry in any College/University Campus was banned for any reason whatsoever at any time during his/her academic career, shall not be admitted to any class without the permission of the Syndicate. The Syndicate may not consider such cases except on the recommendations of the Admission Committee.
All difficulties connected with admission shall be resolved by the Admission Committee. Difficulties arising out of the Implementation of the Scheme for MA/ M. Sc/ BS program or equivalent under semester system shall, however, continue to be resolved by the Semester Implementation Committee.
Any Reserved Seat which remains unfilled may, with the approval of the Vice-Chancellor, be transferred to the Merit Quota. The Affiliated Colleges shall have their own Regulations for admission of students against the Reserved Seats.
Any person who has attained the age of twenty-six years on the last date fixed for the receipt of the applications for admission shall not be admitted to MA / M. Sc or equivalent classes. Age limit for students seeking admissions after passing Intermediate or equivalent Examination in any discipline of this University will be 24 years. In case of real hardship, however, the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendations of the Chairmen/ Directors/ Principals and Dean of Faculty concerned, may relax this Regulation for (a) female candidates (b) foreign students (c) students who join the BS / MA/M. Sc or equivalent classes after passing the FA/F. Sc/ BA/ B. Sc and (d) up to a maximum of one year for male candidates seeking admission to the undergraduate/ Graduate Course other than those mentioned in (c) above. No age limit for Disable/Special Students. Vide Notification No.S.O.(A-III)1-83/2012 dated 7/11/2013 issued by HED
The above Regulations relating to the year of graduation to be decided by the Admission Committee each year and age shall not apply to in-service teachers of recognized institution for admission to M.A. in Physical Education and Information Technology.
Lists of students selected for admission in BS/MA/M.Sc or equivalent, MS/M.Phil or equivalent and Ph.D. programs shall be prepared in accordance with the Prescribed Performa and submitted to the Dean concerned for approval prior to notification.
There is no age limit or session preference for Self-supporting/Replica (Afternoon, Evening) programs.
Persons who were on the rolls of the University during the preceding five years shall not be admitted to a Certificate/Diploma Class, without the prior approval of the Admission Committee.
No student shall be admitted to a second or subsequent Ph.D /M.Phil/MS and Master's Degree or Law Courses (Regular and Self-supporting program) in the University Teaching Departments/ Centers/ Institutes/Constituent/ Affiliated College without the approval of the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendations of the Admission Committee. However the candidates will be allowed to appear in two degree Examinations simultaneously.
All admissions made in contravention of these Regulations shall be void.
Under extraordinary circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendation of the Heads of the Institutions, may allow migration of students from another University to the University of the Punjab or from an Affiliated College to a Teaching Department of the University/Affiliated College and vice-versa, provided that:-
The Institutions concerned agree for the migration of such a student;
The courses of studies are recognized as equivalent by the Department/ Institute/ College/ Centre/School.
The student would have been offered admission on eligibility as well as on merit basis determined in accordance with the Regulations contained in this booklet; and
The condition relating to the year of passing examination applicable to the corresponding admission of the University of the Punjab shall also be applicable to the students seeking migration.
A migration certificate (in case the applicant graduated from a University other than the Punjab/all Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education) must be produced by the final date of admission.
The migration will be allowed only in accordance with the Migration Policy already approved by the competent authority/body. The above decision is also applicable to all disciplines of the University of the Punjab.
The relevant authenticated certificate in respect of Hafiz-e-Qur'an must be attached with the original admission application otherwise no credit will be given.
If there is a tie between two or more candidates having equal merit in MA/M.Sc or equivalent programs, their merit will be determined on the basis of the marks obtained by them in the BA/B. Sc or equivalent examination. If that is also equal, then marks in FA/ F. Sc will be considered. In case that is also equal, then marks in Matriculation will be considered. Thereafter, if the candidates have equal merit, the candidate older in age will be given preference over the younger in age. Similarly in case of tie between two or more candidates for admission in BS program above said criteria will be applicable.
The / BA / B. Sc / BS degree of other Pakistani Universities where the subject of English is not compulsory will not be considered as equivalent to the respective degrees of the University of the Punjab and students holding such degrees shall not be admitted in MA/ M. Sc and /or LLM/ MS/ M. Phil/ Ph.D.
All graduates having studied 100 marks in English in BA/B.Sc or equivalent will be admitted in all programs of University of the Punjab .
The marks obtained by a candidate in the additional subject can neither be counted nor given any weightage for the purpose of admission.
The dues other than notified by the University should not be charged by the Departments from the students.
The students admitted in the BS (04Years) programs and want to take exit after 2-years will not be given admission in the MA/M.Sc programs of the other Departments. However, the students who have taken exit may be given an option to go back to their parent departments only prior to the approval of the Chairman, Admission Committee.
Special students (disabled/blind) are allowed to avail education and hostel facilities, free of cost in the University of the Punjab.
The eligibility for admission to BS or equivalent, MA/ M. Sc or equivalent, MS/ M. Phil or equivalent and Ph.D is as under:
The entry test is optional to Departments/Centers/Institutes/Colleges for BS Program as well as for MA/M. Sc or equivalent Programs after Intermediate/ BA/B. Sc or equivalent respectively. However, entry test and interview for LLM/ M. Sc (Engg)/MS/M. Phil /MBIT/ MFA /M.Arch./ 1½ years MBA/M.Com /Ph. D admissions shall be mandatory for all Departments/ Centers/ Institutes/ Colleges. All the candidates for admission in BS/B.Sc (Engg.)/ BBIT/ Pharm-D / B.Com / BBA/ BFA/ LLB (5years) /B.Arch/ or equivalent and MA /M.Sc/ MPA/ MBA/M.Com /MB ECON/ MIM/ MIOM / MBSM/ LLB (3 years)/ LLM/ M.Sc (Engg.)/ MS/ M.Phil /MBIT/MFA/M.Arch./ 1½ years MBA/ M.Com or equivalent /Ph.D programs shall qualify the Entry Test (If the Departments/Centers/Institutes/Colleges has opted for the test or it is mandatory) to become eligible for the admission.
  Eligibility for BS or Equivalent:
The candidates holding F.A/F.Sc or equivalent qualification and age not more than 24 years are eligible for admission in BS/B.Sc (Engg)/BBIT/Pharm-D/B.Com/BBA/BFA/ LLB (5 Years)/B.Arch/or equivalent. 2 marks will be deducted from percent academic marks for each late session to a maximum of two sessions. Clearance of Pre-Admission Entry Test is mandatory for the admission against merit as well as reserved seats only in the Departments/Centers/Institutes/Colleges who have opted for the entry test.
  Eligibility for MA/M.Sc or Equivalent:
The candidates holding B.A/B.Sc (14-Years of Education) or equivalent qualification and age not more than 26 years are eligible for admission in MA/M.Sc or equivalent/MPA/ MBA/ M.Com/MB Econ MIM/MIOM/MBSM/LLB (3-Years). 2 marks will be deducted from percent academic marks for each late session to a maximum of two sessions. 50% seats are reserved for graduates from Punjab University and rest 50% shall be filled on open merit basis. Clearance of Pre-admission Entry Test is mandatory for the admission against merit as well as reserved seats only in the departments/Centre/Institutes/Colleges who have opted for entry test.
Subject to the Admission Criteria, all the admissions for MA/M. Sc or equivalent/LLB and BS Programs shall be made on the basis of Entry Test (if conducted) and Academic Qualifications as under:-
  i. Academic Record : 70%
  ii. Entry Test : 30%
In case of admission to college of Arts and design the Entry Test and Academic Qualifications weightage shall be as under:-
  i. Academic Record : 50%
  ii. Entry Test & Interview : 50%
  b) Eligibility for MS / M.Phil or Equivalent / Ph.D
The applicant must have s ixteen year education (BS / MA / M. Sc or equivalent) as per HEC criteria for admission in MS / M. Phil/M.Sc. (Engg / Honr) / LLM / MBIT / MFA / M.Arch / 1½ Years MBA / M.Com or equivalent.
For Ph.D. admission, eighteen year education (LLM)/ M.Sc (Engg) / MS / M.Phil / MBIT / MFA / M.Arch / 1½ years MBA / M.Com) with 3.0/4.0 CGPA / 70% or 1 st division as per HEC criteria.

Hostel facility will not be given to the students admitted in BS/M.A./M.Sc or equivalent Self-Supporting/Replica (Afternoon/Evening) programs.

A uniform policy to determine the merit will be observed in all the Departments, as laid down in the Admission Regulations.
Only those candidates who have Degrees/Certificates duly recognized by University of the Punjab will be eligible to apply.
Students from other universities will obtain Equivalence Certificate from Punjab University before admission.
Criteria for admission of Foreign Students is prescribed in Reserved Seats Section.
Quota of reserved seats for the following categories is prescribed in Reserved Seats Section.
    1. Foreign students
2. Children of Martyrs of Army/War Disabled, serving and retired army Personnel of the Defense Forces
3. Azad Kashmir
4. Northern Areas
5. Children of Refugees from IHK
6. Baluchistan
7. Sindh
8. Blind / Disabled persons
9. Outstanding Sports persons
10. Students having distinction in Co-curricular activities
11. Son / Daughter of Overseas Pakistani
12. Children / Spouses / real brother or sister/nephew and nieces of the P.U. Teachers
13. Children/Spouses/real brother or sister/nephew and nieces of the P.U. Employees

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