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University of the Punjab
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Directorate of Students Affairs

Numerous students good-will mission/study tours from various other Universities and colleges of Pakistan frequently visit the University. They are provided with boarding and transport to create maximum good-will between the visiting students and the students of the University.
The Student Teacher Centre became fully operative in June 1966. Apart from housing the office of the Department of Student Affairs which runs the Centre's programs, the center also accommodates the offices of various cultural societies of the University. There are special halls for indoor games, public lectures, seminars and conferences of the center. It also includes 8 furnished guest rooms for academic visitors to the University.
The Centre provides many amenities which students may need in day to day life. These include a modern shopping center, a public telephone, a motor bus for conveyance of small groups of students on special occasions, and a spacious cafeteria. It also caters for receptions and various University and departmental functions. Counseling and guidance services to students are also provided by the Centre. Similarly the University Foreign Information Bureau set up at the Center deals with the problems of students of the University who are desirous of seeking admission in foreign universities and other institutions.