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Resident Officer II

Gardening Wing, Land Wing and Sanitation Wing come under the control of administrative powers of R.O.II.

Description of Gardening Wing

Mission Statement:
Efforts to Keep the University Campus Neat, Clean and Green

Core values:
The core values of Gardening staff to ensure admirable service delivery are based on:
• Professionalism
• Honesty
• Cooperation
• Innovation


  1. The efficient use of horticultural techniques for the beautification of the Punjab University.
  2. Development, maintenance and improvement of green belts, lawns, roundabouts, focal points, triangles, ornamental borders, seasonal floral impacts at the different sites of the campus.
  3. Beautification of area where departmental events takes place.
  4. To make the campus environment adorable.
  5. Planting and management of lawns, greenbelts, open spaces present in different areas of the campus while applying horticultural techniques, design and vision.
  6. To collaborate with university authorities for the improvement of existing landscape features.
  7. To assist in establishment of environment friendly strategies for management of pest and diseases.

Description of Land Wing

There are two main sections of Land Wing:
1. Uncovered lands given on annual lease system
2. Self-Cultivation Scheme, established on uncovered lands

A detail of lands of the university
Total area of land: 1781 acres
Mauzas of the land of New Campus: Davis Abad 161.51 acres
  Icchra 25.66 acres
  Bhekhewal 1162.09 acres
  Hanjarwal 362.49 acres
  Dhanna Singh 69.79 acres
Land under buildings/grounds/lawns: 750 acres
Total area given on annual lease: 910 acres
Area of rose farms: 18 acres
Uncovered lands for agricultural use
As per the decision of the Syndicate that all the uncovered lands should be used for the agricultural purpose for the proper look after and protection of lands from land mafia until the receipt of any demand by any department of the University for the construction/research purpose, that's why all the affairs of the lands such as lease rates and lease period are settled/dealt by the Land Committee. Therefore such lands are leased out on annual lease system per acre per annum approved by Land Committee constituted by the competent forum of the University. Thus 910 acres out of total area of land is under annual lease system. Two sources of irrigations are available to the lands: canal irrigation and tube-well irrigation.
Existing annual lease rates of agricultural lands for the year 2015-16
Canal irrigated land Rs. 55,000/- per acre per annum
Tube-well irrigated land Rs. 44,000/- per acre per annum
Total income of 2015-16 from the agricultural lands given on annual lease system is Rs. 4,22,85,026/-
Self-Cultivation Scheme
Self-Cultivation Scheme is being run on area of 107 acres (approx). This scheme has also been established on uncovered lands that it is another mode to utilize the uncovered lands till any further or alternate purposeful use of lands by any department of the university i.e. construction and research purpose. However, main aim of the scheme is to grow cereal crops i.e. wheat and paddy and these crops are sold to the university employees on government approved rates. Through the scheme an accommodative facility is provided to the university employees that they can buy paddy and wheat on comparatively cheaper rates as compare to open market rates. Also, in the pendency period between two crops, green fodder (makkai and Jawar) is grown and sold to peasant community through open auction. By way of this, the university exchequer earns a considerable amount of revenue.
Total income of Self-Cultivation Scheme for the year 2015-16 is Rs. 78,72,800/-.
Rose Farms
Rose farms present an enchanting reception with its beauty to the visitors from entrance of gate No. 1. These farms of fragrant roses are established on an area of 18 acres (approx) for leasing out the roses to the community of rose growers on the same pattern of the annual lease system of lands, as it is also a source of generating income for the university.
Total income from rose farms for the year 2015-16 is Rs. 10,17,500/-.
Total income for the year 2015-16
Rs. 4,22,85,026/- + Rs. 78,72,800/- + Rs. 10,17,500/- = 5,11,75,326/-
Land Officers and Patwaries of the office of Resident Officer-II are responsible for the administrative affairs of the land issues. The Incharge/Sanitary Inspectors look after the affairs of Sanitation Wing.

Description of Sanitation Wing

Sanitation Wing is a part of university corporation comprising frash and sanitary workers. Sanitation Wing is responsible for the cleaning and tidiness of the university buildings, roads and pathways etc. The workforce of frash cleans the dirt and dust of building, classrooms, offices, walls, doors and windows etc. The sanitation workers are responsible for the janitorial services, they sweep, broom and wash the buildings, verandas, corridors, washrooms, pathways and roads etc.


Vision, Mission Statement and Goals