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Institute of Agricultural Sciences

Pakistan is blessed with a variety of seasons, landforms and 20.43 million hectares of cultivated land. Owing to favorable soil and climatic conditions we are able to produce a variety of crops, fruits and vegetables. Agricultural production is not only fulfilling the food, feed and clothing demands of the population but also a primary supplier of raw materials to downstream industries. In this way the agriculture is continuously playing a central role in Pakistan’s economy. It is the second largest sector, accounting for over 21 percent of GDP and remains by far the largest employer; absorbing about 45% of the country’s total labor force. Nearly 62% of the total population resides in rural areas and is directly or indirectly linked to agriculture for their livelihood.
      The over and ever increasing population of Pakistan is continuously exerting a demand pressure over agriculture for their basic necessities. As a response it becomes the need of time to enhance agricultural production horizontally as well as vertically. Owing to soil, water and climatic problems, a further increase in cultivated area is almost impossible and the only option left behind is to increase yield per unit area. Such a production revolution is not possible without linking the agriculture with advanced knowledge of science and technology.
      In each province of Pakistan the department of agriculture comprised of research and extension wings which conduct research and deliver outcomes to the farmers. Under each category, thousands of agricultural graduates are working in BPS 17 and above. Besides there are a number of private companies dealing in the production and/or sale of fertilizers, pesticides, farm machinery and food processing etc. which also offer employment to agricultural graduates. Keeping in view the bright future of agriculture in Pakistan, particularly in relation to job opportunities, University of the Punjab decided to play its role in the most important sector of the country. In 2011 the university upgraded Department of Mycology and Plant Pathology to Institute of Agricultural Sciences. The institute offers “B.Sc (Hons.) Agriculture” (4 years program), M.Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture (2 years programs) and Ph.D in plant pathology, horticulture and food technology as major subjects. We envisage that in the near future we will be able to start other programs in remaining major subjects of agriculture.
      The Institute of Agricultural Sciences (IAGS) is an extraordinary blend of renowned faculty, laboratories and cooperative staff providing a unique environment for learning and technological advancements. The main building of today’s IAGS is spread over an area of around seven acres with another 7 acres under experimental station behind the main building. The building has 7 lecture rooms with multimedia facility and 5 fully equipped general laboratories. Five other research labs are allocated for advanced research in all disciplines of agriculture. Besides that IAGS have separated common rooms for boys and girls, 2 seminar rooms, a computer lab, a publication cell, a growth room, 2 culture rooms, a conservatory, a library, a store, faculty and administrative staff offices and a captivating visitors lounge. On the basis of its tremendous beginning and growth, we believe that IAGS is going to be a major contributor to the future of improved agricultural production system.

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