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Dean's Message
I welcome you to the Punjab University Institute of Languages and Linguistics (IOLL).  This will be a very important and exciting year for the IOLL as the Institute is undergoing improvement in all aspects. If you are considering graduate studies in Linguistics, IOLL is the place to come to. University of the Punjab is also a research university where students gain world class experience with cutting edge linguistics and language programs.
Language plays a vital role in all aspects of life and it is crucial for the survival and proper functioning of all aspects of society, business, technology, research, education, etc. Pakistan faces many challenging issues and language plays a key role in alleviating and solving those issues that need improvement.
The Institute of Languages and Linguistics will boast important research to solve real-world language problems which we can teach to our students and that way pass on up to date linguistic knowledge. At this institute a student can also learn a vast array of European and Asian languages that will assist students in the admissions to foreign universities, business relations, and many important matters of communication.  The institute also offers the possibility to access official exams of Chinese, French, German and Spanish languages which are recognized all over the world and that have a lifetime duration and at the same time the student can obtain a Punjab University certificate in any language offered or a degree in Linguistic Science.  Certificates in some local languages like Pashto and Sindhi are also taught here.
The faculty of the Institute of Languages and Linguistics is composed by local and foreign instructors who are fully trained in state of the art facilities to bring to the students the latest knowledge and training and work together as a team to meet the demands of our society in terms of language programs.  The institute is creating standards in language and linguistic science education.

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