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Department of Sports Sciences & Physical Education

The Department of Sports Sciences is committed to offer BS (Hons), Master’s Degree and Ph.D. to equip the future sports scholars and coaches to address the challenges of sports issues in Pakistan and Internationally. Our programs emphasize scientific academic preparations combined with on the playfield experiences, coaching techniques and Human Performance Laboratory Analysis (HPLA)
We provide an environment and our faculty encourages the students for applied research in areas of Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Bio-mechanics, Scientific Coaching, Sports Administration & Management and Marketing Research in Sports. The curriculum and pedagogy of the program seeks to emphasize the enhancement of professional abilities and skills of the students with overall leadership qualities. Our strategic plan continues as we re-examine the priorities for the future that bring national sports program into new millennium in Pakistan, Successfully.
We believe that the mission to which we have been and are committed has significant beneficial effects on our sports organizations in our society. We need to create a strong foundation in order to offer quality education to our students. Our strategic plan continues as we set priorities of the future that will bring sports successfully in Pakistan.
Physical Apperance Notice for BS Physical Education 1st and BS 5th Semester (Morning) 2023

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