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Department of Film and Broadcasting

News and Entertainment Media Industries are equally important in Pakistan. Keeping in view the significance and requirements of these industries, department of Film and Broadcasting believes to prepare and provide trained human resource to both Journalism and Entertainment Industries.  Our designed Programs and courses are gripping every aspect in depth so that our students can have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding about various dimensions of Broadcast Media from hardcore Journalism to Films and Drama production. The Courses reflect an interdisciplinary and historically grounded approach to the study of moving images, on big and small screens alike. We are focused to provide our students theoretical and practical understanding about broadcast journalism from news writing to reporting, and production to anchoring. The vision, courses and teaching methodology will enable students work confidently and competently in national and international news media organizations.
We have maintained a direct route from academic activities to field exposure. Our guiding principle is to teach with a student-centric approach so that we could equip students with skills matching with job market requirements. Our education is not confined to classroom lecturing only; rather it is built on a combination of theory and fieldwork.
To enrich our program and to narrow the gap between academia and industry, we have developed links with traditional and digital news and entertainment media outlets. The partnership includes:
• Internships and apprenticeships at media outlets.
• Training workshops by journalist, filmmakers and other practitioners
• Collaborated activities and Projects with media organizations
• Trainings in collaboration with media organizations

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