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University of the Punjab

Dr. Ali Raza Tahir

Dr. Ali Raza Tahir

Dr. Ali Raza Tahir joined the Department as a Lecturer on July 10, 2003. Before joining the University, he had served as a lecturer at various colleges of the Government of the Punjab for nine year. He sought his MA Philosophy in 1985 and PhD in 1996 on the dissertation, “Iqbal and Persian Philosophy: A Critical Study of the Development of Metaphysics in Persia”, from the University of the Punjab, Lahore. He got the Best Teacher Award in 2005 by the University of the Punjab. He got HEC Scholarship for his Post-Doc in 2008 for the East West University, Chicago, USA. Iqbal studies, Modern Muslim Thought, and Theology are his major areas of interest.

Designation:- Lecturer