Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Ms. Sehrish Mukhtar

Ms. Sehrish Mukhtar

I am a Metallurgist and a Material Engineer. My main area of interest is biomaterials as it is an emerging field in biomedical as well as in material engineering. My area of research focuses on; Coating of surgical grade stainless steel (316L) , corrosion testing of biomaterials in physiological environments, Alloying of surgical grades and their characterisation, Degradable Mg-Alloys.
I am an in charge of Advanced Metallography laboratory. The maintenance of microscope (Leica) micro Vickers ,Rockwell and other equipment is a challenge especially when the warranty time come to an end ,with the help of our ab staff, I have been fully involved in this challenging task that our systems remain updated to produce amenable results.

Designation:- Lecturer