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University of the Punjab

Dr. Zahida Qamar

Assistant Professor
Dr. Zahida Qamar

I Miss Zahida Qamar, working as Research officer cum Lecturer in Seed Biotech Lab. I completed M. Phil. Botany in 2004 and joined National Center of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) in 2005 as a faculty member at University of the Punjab, Lahore. I have more than ten years of experience in the field of Plant Molecular Biology, where I worked on various crop improvement projects. I have always been interested in agricultural advance scientific research. I have gained a lot of domain knowledge from scientific analysis and discussions with my advisor and peers such as In-vitro production of cabbage and cauliflower, In-vitro Development of cauliflower synthetic seeds and conversion to plantlets, optimization of tissue culture and transformation conditions for corn, Detection of late blight potato, Transformation of sugarcane with Glyphosate tolerant and insect resistant genes and expression studies of these genes with new promoters and enhancers in sugarcane. Playing an important role in crop improvement research projects funded by Punjab Agricultural Research Board (PARB).These projects are aimed to make genetic improvements in sugarcane,& corn for insecticide resistance -herbicide tolerance, now enthusiastic to work for the biosafety studies, field efficacy and then commercialization of these crops. Moreover, I am involved to help and guide the other junior research fellows and students in the lab working on different research projects.

Designation:- Assistant Professor