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University of the Punjab

Dr. Sameera Hassan

Senior Research Officer
Dr. Sameera Hassan

I joined the CEMB in June 1997 after Masters in Zoology from Government College, Lahore through National competition. During my research endeavor I have worked on phage display of Cry 1 Ac toxin from Bacillus thuringiensis protein as translational fusion with gene III in pDAN3 phagemid system against Lepidopteran insects. In training organized at the institute at mammalian tissue culturing learnt cryo preservation of different cell lines.
I have practical research experience in standardization of STR loci while working in Forensic DNA Typing. I have also worked on the expression of recombinant human erythropoietin (hEPO) gene in prokaryote by transformation in E. coli (BL21DE3) and in eukaryote by transient and stable transfection in Chinese Hamster Ovary cell line. The protein was purified by using Affinity and ion Exchange Chromatography from cell culture supernatants. The gene sequence was confirmed through DNA Sequencing and Analysis by Chromas software. During virology research learnt RNA isolation from HCV samples.
I have also worked on multi drug resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRDSA) from Bovine mastitis dairy samples and isolated 8MRDSA after screening through different microbiological media like Muller Hinton agar, Sheep Blood agar and Baird Parker agar.
To improve the professional skills I got enrolment in M.Phil leading to PhD in the year 2010. In M.Phil worked on effect of NaCl Stress on Gossypium arboreum and the PhD project was Cellular Characterization, Cloning & Expression of Universal Stress Protein Gene (GUSP1) in Cotton and its Role in Drought Tolerance. The GFP was utilized as visual marker and through in silico studies mutations were deduced that could enhance the drought tolerance and transgenic plants were developed that showed improved drought tolerance. This data was also presented at International symposium on Advances of molecular biology in agriculture and health sciences”, held at CEMB, Dec. 29-31, 2015. I am passionate and enthusiastic researcher to contribute in the academia.

Designation:- Senior Research Officer