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Dr. Shaukat Ali
Assistant Professor/In-Charge

University of the Punjab has awarded PhD to Shaukat Ali Raza vide Notification No. Ph.D(R)/51/2010 dated 16-6-2010. Dr. Shaukat has completed his thesis on “FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR UNIVERSITIES OF PAKISTAN: THE NEED TO DEVELOP A MODEL” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Fauzia Naheed Khawaja, Ex-Chairperson Department of Elementary Education, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab. Based on the argument that faculty development is needed to satisfy the demand of stakeholders and helping Pakistani students compete in the global job markets, the study pursued two major objectives: Explore the views of departmental heads, teachers and students regarding need for faculty development program and develop a faculty development model for universities of Pakistan. The researcher has reported 67 departmental heads, 567 teachers and 670 students of 15 public sector Pakistani universities expressing a high need for faculty development program for universities of Pakistan covering its instructional, professional and organizational components. On the basis of findings of the study, the researcher has recommended a faculty development model for universities of Pakistan. This model covering instructional development, professional development and organizational development of faculty was got validated by 10 foreign and local experts from the field of faculty development and educational administration. The researcher has further recommended the establishment of University Faculty Development Institutes at main campuses of universities for the implementation of this model. The study has been appreciated by the foreign evaluators.
Dr. Shaukat Ali Raza is currently serving as Lecturer/In-Charge Department of Business Education, Institute of Education and Research, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

Dr. Shaukat Ali
Designation:- Assistant Professor/In-Charge


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