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PHEC to start PhD scholarships to solve national issues: Dr Shahid Munir
PHEC to start PhD scholarships to solve national issues: Dr Shahid Munir

LAHORE: (Monday, August 22, 2022): Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC) Chairman Prof Dr Shahid Munir has said that PHEC was making efforts to launch a special PhD studentship/scholarship program to solve problems of the industry and for the development of the country. He said that PHEC would promote research that would address the problems of Pakistan. He was addressing a seminar organized by Punjab University School of Communication Studies’ Department of Communication and Media Research at Hameed Nizami Hall here on Monday. SCS Director Prof Dr Nosheena Saleem, Dr Waqar Malik, Dr Waqar Chaudhry, faculty members and students participated in the seminar. In his address, Dr Munir said that the nations that made progress in the fields of science and technology were ruling the world. He said that the Muslims also ruled the world on the basis of knowledge. He said that the creation of knowledge is linked to research and therefore we needed to invest more and more in education. He said that the vice chancellors should promote entrepreneurship and academia-industry relations in their universities and encourage innovation to solve the problems of the country. He said that without improving the standard of the colleges and universities, Pakistan could not make progress in the field of education. He said that education diplomacy and educational tourism would be promoted to strengthen relations with foreign countries. He said that the aim of the associate degree programs was to develop skills among the graduates and PHEC would play its role to achieve this goal. Later, Dr Noshina Saleem thanked the PHEC chairman for enlightening the students of media with issues of higher education sector.