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Seminar on Revisiting Women’s History in Pakistan held at PU
Seminar on Revisiting Women’s History in Pakistan held at PU

LAHORE: (Thursday, April 10, 2014): Punjab University Pakistan Study Centre (PSC) organized a seminar on “Revisiting Women’s History in Pakistan.” Prof. Dr. Pippa Virdee of Demont Fort University, United Kingdom, was the keynote speaker while Dean Faculty of Arts & Humanities & Director PSC Prof Dr Massarrat Abid, Advisor to Vice-Chancellor Col (R) Ikram Ullah Khan, faculty members and students were also present on the occasion.

While tracing the history of women empowerment in Pakistan, Dr Massarrat Abid said that the father of Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted women of Pakistan to enjoy an equal status with men and to play their positive role in state building. Dr Pippa Virdee talked about the work in progress that will explore the transformation of women in public spaces in Pakistan through the illustration of PIA. The role of PIA is particularly illuminating because it can help in identifying the changes taking place in state and society of Pakistan as they are correlated with the changes in PIA and particularly the way women are represented in the advancing and promotion of PIA.