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Ideology and Dynamics of Politics in Pakistan

Paper – V
Ideology and Dynamics of Politics in Pakistan
1. Ideological Moorings
a. Evolution and Genesis of Two Nation Theory
b. Significance of Pakistan Ideology for Political Process, State and Nation building and governmental politics

2. Constitution Making
A review of history of constitution making with special emphasis on major constitutional problems i.e., Islam and constitution making nature of federation, representation of provinces in the central legislature, unicameralism or bioameralism , the national language issue, and separate or joint electorate.
3. A comparative study of the major features of the 1956, 1962 and 1973 constitutions.
4. A critical appraisal of the working of parliamentary system (1947-58, 1973-77) and Presidential system (1962-69).
5. Military Role of the military in the politics of Pakistan. Major causes of the imposition of Martial Law in 1958, 1969, 1977.
6. Bureaucracy
a. The heritage and its reorganization after independence
b. Role of Bureaucracy in Politics

7. Political Parties
a. Major features of the party system in Pakistan
b. Review of the programs and performance of the major political parties

8. Pressure groups
a. Ulema and Meshaikh
b. Students
c. Trade Unions
d. Other professional and trade organization

9. National Integration
a. Salient issues of national integration
b. The east Pakistan crisis
c. Nature and problem of centre province relations since 1972

10. Political Participation
a. Representation and Elections
b. Mass Political Movements 1968-69, 1977.
c. Local Self Government

11. Judiciary : Its role in constitutional development

• Khalid Bin Sayeed, Politics in Pakistan, The Nature and Direction of Changes
• Mushtaq Ahmad, Politics without Social change
• Faazal Muqeem Khan, Pakistan’s crisis in Leadership
• Rounaq Jahan, Pakistan, Failure in National integration
• G.W. Chaudhry, Democracy in Pakistan
• Herbet Feldman, Revolution in Pakistan
• Kalim Siddiqi, Crisis, conflict and war in Pakistan
• Khalid Mahmood Trade Unions in Pakistan
• Ziring, Briabhanti and Wriggins, (ed) Pakistan the Long View
• Donald E. Smith (ed) South Asian Politics and Religion
• Howard Wriggins (ed) Pakistan in Transition
• Report of the Court of Inquiry in Punjab disturbances
• (Muneer Report) Lahore, West Pakistan Government 1954
• Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1956, 1962, 1973
• Students are advised to consult research journals and newspapers for latest development in the politics of Pakistan.
• Dr. Muhammad Sarwar, Parliamentary Democracy in Pakistan, (Urdu)
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