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Introduction to International Relations


The course is designed to focus on the dynamics of International Relations, national interests, power factor and state behavior as a guide to understand the nature of real politick. The course will enable the students to analyze the basic approaches and fundamental concepts of International Relations.


1. Introduction, Nature and Scope of International Relations;

2. Approaches to the Study of International Relations:

a) Realism

b) Idealism (Liberalism)

c) Behaviouralism.

3. Modern State System and Sovereignty;

4. Doctrine of Power in International Relations:

a) Elements of Power

b) Balance of Power.

5. National Interests in International Relations

6. Concept of Nationalism;

7. Concept of Diplomacy

a). Status of diplomacy during cold war;

b). Status of diplomacy in the post cold war era;

c). Status of diplomacy after 9/11.

8. Ideologies in the 21st century:

a). Clash of civilization (Islam vs the West);

b). End of History.

Credit hours/ Marks:- 03 Cr. Hrs.

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