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History of International Relations - I


The course deals with the study of important events in International Relations and provides a survey on different empirical perspectives of International Relations. The main objective is to integrate theory and

policy in the context of specific historical cases in international politics.


1. Origin and development of International Relations;

2. International Relations between the two world wars;

3. Origin and causes of World Wars l and ll;

4. Developments in International Politics in the Post-World War -ll era;

5. Origin and causes of the Cold War;

6. End of Cold War and its implications;

7. Collapse of the Soviet Union and the New World Order;

8. Characteristics of the International Politics after 9/11.

9. Contemporary issues in International Relations:

a). Terrorism;

b). Religion and Politics;

c). Globalization;

d). Nuclear Proliferation.

Credit hours/ Marks:- 04 Cr. Hrs.

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