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Foreign Policy Analysis


The course is designed to enlighten the students about the concepts and schools of thought in foreign policy analysis, concentrating particularly on the process of decision- making in the International System. The students will study the foreign policies of selected countries in order to understand the policy debate in the light of great power actions and weak state problems.


1. Conceptual Framework of Foreign Policy: Definition and its Tools;

2. Various Approaches to the Study of Foreign Policy;

3. Kinds of Foreign Policy:


Offensive Traditional Radical


4. Structure and nature of International Politics;

5. Economics as an Instrument in International Politics;

6. State Strengths and Weaknesses: Limitations of State Actions;

7. Process of formulation of Foreign Policy in developed and developing countries;

8. Foreign Policy: Determinants and Objectives;

9. Radical Changes in Foreign Policy after 9/11;

Credit hours/ Marks:- 03 Cr. Hrs.

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