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Public International Law - I


Objective of this course is to generate awareness among the students regarding the nature, evolution, development and application of International Law among the members of the international community such as states, international institution and individuals. This course also addresses the issue of practicability of International Law.

Course Contents:

1. Definition, Nature and Scope of International Law, Binding Nature of International Law, Two Schools of Thoughts about the Reality of International Law.

2. Origin and Development of International Law, Theories of International Law, Relationship between International and Municipal Laws.

3. Sources of International Law.

4. Subjects of International Law: States, Individuals and Non-State Entities.

5. State as International Actor: Pre-requisites of statehood, kinds of states.

6. Recognition of state and government, De Jure and De facto Recognition, Legal effects of recognition, Recognition of insurgency and belligerency and its impacts.

7. State succession and its effects.

8. State Sovereignty: Acquisition of Territorial Sovereignty.

9. State Jurisdiction: Territorial Jurisdiction, Jurisdiction over maritime belt, contiguous zones, continental shelf, Jurisdiction over high seas, right of hot pursuit on high seas, Jurisdiction over airspace and outer space.

Credit hours/ Marks:- 03 Cr. Hrs.

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